Painting Process

Painting plant of PRESS CRAFT (THAILAND)CO.,LTD. Have Hi-efficiency production process could support many variety of painting part and silk screen parts Because we have many manpower that have many skill in paint thinner and have technique in painting process include have complete and instrument for support production process.

Booht Painting

- Electrostatic Painting

- Powder Painting

- Water Base Painting

Electrostatic Painting Line

Line Pecer Big Side of Good use Autometic Tranfer Line

Line Pacer 250Tons

Press Machine 300Tons

Hydrawlic Press 500Tons for Press Forming of Good

Roll Forming for Making Long Frame Solar Mounting Module

Hydrawlic Press 800Tons for Press Forming of Good

Sanding Short Blush

Line Pacer 150Tons

Layout Press Factory

Press Machines Total: 100 Units

Press Progressive

Press Automatic (Line PACER)

Press Manual

Mould Engineering

Wire Cut for Cuting Steel Making Die

Machining Center

Robot TIG Welding

Spot Welding

Taping Machine

Grinding Unit

Electrolytic Ionized Water Generator for Clean of Goods

Line Pacer 200Tons Inprocess Transfer Machine to Machine

Batch Oven MC.(High baking Temp.)

Riveting MC